Philosophy and Rational

Hello, and welcome to C&S for the 2013/2014 school year. We are excited about the new opportunities students will have, and to build on current program successes.

Our main goal this year is to “act locally”. Being involved with local activities, organisations, and communities will help our students gain a greater understanding of where they live, and hopefully develop some deeper connections with Istanbul and Turkey.

Last year, we asked students what they enjoyed about C&S, and what they believed was successful about the programme. Students who were happy with their groups were often in C&S groups which were local.

Below are some of the experiences they enjoyed and thought were valuable to them and the community:

  • having a real-life interaction with someone
  • knowing exactly what the money they raised did (they liked actually seeing how their fundraising efforts helped)
  • physically doing something

We are shifting away from a fundraising-based C&S programme to become more action-based, with students going out into the community and physically doing something. Direct, regular, and consistent interaction with people or the environment around us allows for more meaningful service to happen, and strengthens the ‘community’ aspect of C&S.

For more information, enjoy the IB published informational video below.

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