Global Contexts

Global Contexts: These are replacing the Areas of Interaction from the old system.  You’ll notice Approaches to Learning have been completely taken out.  On this part of the planner, select the Global Context you think best fits the Concepts you’ll be working with and the direction you want the unit to take.

On ManageBac, they’ve provided a small box under the Global Context.  Here, write a brief rationale discussion why you chose this Global Context and how it relates to the unit of study.

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Ideally, this where all subjects connect and if working on an interdisciplinary project, subjects need to use the same global context. The new Global Contexts now align with the PYP units of inquiry, making the transition to MYP a bit easier.

Below is the IB explanation of the Global Contexts:

 “In a world of increasing interconnection and complexity, learning in context provides students with opportunities to explore multiple dimensions of global challenges and encourages them to develop creative solutions.   The MYP encourages teachers to design units around important global issues and ideas including climate change, international conflicts and international exchange and trade.

The complexity of real life requires interdisciplinary perspectives that can help students to:

              • address biases and consider diverse interpretations and points of view
              • engage personal interest and increase motivation for learning
              • broaden their awareness of circumstances that have personal impact
              • develop critical and conceptual thinking skills by gathering and evaluating relevant data, analysing alternatives, considering potential consequences, and drawing conclusions
              • take action in ways that are age-appropriate and develop dispositions to take responsible action as adults to address global challenges. 
Global contexts comprise a range of ideas and issues that can be personally, locally, nationally, internationally and globally significant” (Developing MY Units).

Unfortunately, ManageBac does not provide an in-depth description of what the Global Contexts represent or mean.  You can see the descriptions here below:

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