Project Introduction

Dear Parents and Students,

As we transition from the first semester to second semester here at IICS, I just wanted to take a quick moment to update you all regarding the coming interdisciplinary unit your son or daughter will be completing in the next four to six weeks.

As part of a push to better integrate core concepts, universal understandings, and subject specific knowledge, the seventh grade team has collaborated to create an interdisciplinary unit titled “Healthy Body, Healthy World,” to combine PE, Humanities, and Science​​.

In short, students will be assigned a fictional client, for whom they will create a fitness and nutritional plan. Students will also be asked to analyze the social and environmental impact of their client’s nutritional habits​ ​by researching a specific food, industry, or corporation related to their consumption. The idea is that students will gain an understanding of the content focus in each subject, and then complete the interdisciplinary project to connect what they’ve learned in all three classes. For the most part, students will be working specifically on subject content in each separate class. What will be integrated is the content and ideas, using student web pages as a gathering point for their products.

By doing this, not only will students be gaining valuable knowledge, but by applying their knowledge in a creative way, they will learn at a deeper level while connecting the subject matter to the real world. It is our experience that designing authentic tasks, connecting topics across subjects, allowing students to inquire about topics interesting to them give students opportunities to learn at a deeper level and gain valuable self-management skills.

As a gathering place and final product for the project, students will be creating their own websites/blogs. You can easily access your child’s page by using their first name and last initial, with the ending For example, if I were a student, my address would be : (but I am not, so clicking on this link won’t take you anywhere). We encourage you to take a look at your child’s ​blog​ if you are curious about what they are working​ and how they are progressing​. We’re hopeful you’ll be impressed by what they are learning, and the work they are producing.

Along with the​ student​ blogs, ​we will be deliver project requirements and examples through the school’s MYP Website. You can access the unit materials through the following link by hovering over the “Healthy Body, Healthy World” section on the main menu.

​ManageBac will​ also​ continue to be a valuable tool should you want to keep up with the pace and scope of this project. Of course, if you want more details, we encourage you to speak with your son or daughter​.​ If we’ve left anything out, ​or you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Ryan (, Ms. Claerhout (, or me ( We’re happy to help!